Back to Affleck as Batman

So, last week I wrote an…emotionally charged, yeah, that’s what I’ll call it, reaction to Affleck as Batman.

I actually wanted to rebuff that post a bit, because it was too much. Either way, this will be the last I mention of it until we have a trailer or news about the actual movie.

For the record, I am still against Affleck as Batman. Not because he is a bad actor, though I didn’t think Argo was anything to write home about, but because he’s not the right actor. This is just my opinion, based on the work he has generated in the past.

Even more than that, because maybe he’s got a flexibility I haven’t seen, he’s too damn familiar. Look at the superhero movies for the past ten years. Iron Man (has been), Thor (no name), Captain America (rising name that was rightfully buried under crappy movies), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo was a character actor), Both spidermen (nonames at their time) even Wolverine was Hugh Jackman’s breakout role. You have a few here and there with recognizable names, but overall one of the good attitudes about these franchises has been to use them to launch an actor’s career. Not that I feel some starving actor out there is missing out on an opportunity, I just think they bring better results sometimes.

EVERYONE knows who Ben Affleck is and I think it will bring the same problem a lot of the older Batmen brought, they just weren’t believable in their roles because you had too much to compare it too. All I’m going to see, honestly, is Matt Damon’s buddy from Good Will Hunting.

So, that’s my final say on this until we have definitive proof. I think it’s the wrong choice.

Then again, I’ve been wrong before ( wanted to write about this, but the video points out my mistake more eloquently than I ever could).

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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