Ben Affleck is Batman…

I really want to take a calm, well thought out, objective analysis of this. And I will be the first to say, I really didn’t think Heath Ledger was a good choice for the Joker. I was very against it, and I was very, very wrong.


Ben Affleck has proven himself to be a very good director, he makes some great movies. And he has certainly grown as an actor. I still don’t get what the big deal was with Argo but…actually, I just searched through IMBD and other than Argo, the last movie I saw him in was Paycheck.


Look, he’s gotten better but he still gives a wooden performance. And yeah, I know a lot’s changed since Daredevil and that wasn’t all his fault, but I mean…DAREDEVIL! That’s not fair, I know that has nothing to do with this, but honestly, it was so damn bad I feel it outweighs normal civilities.

I wrote a whole post about WB and bad business decisions and stuff. Honestly, I don’t remember all I wrote and I’m too fired up to go read it.

I just…maybe we’re all on punk’d. I just can’t figure out why they would choose Affleck for this. Batman. Can we not go back to Clooney or Kilmer???

Hell, take me back to Adam West!

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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