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Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad was alright. The biggest problem I had was Hank and the way he tried to turn Skylar against Walt. Not that he did it, I was 100% on board with that (even more so that he had her on the phone quicker than Walt did) but that he was blundering through it. I expect more from Hank.

At the same time, the ending with him walking into the interrogating room was fantastic. When it went to credits right as he shut the door, I threw up my hands. Really looking forward to seeing how that goes down.

I am now on the third season of Sons Of Anarchy. I loved the second season, but the third isn’t quite as good. Killing Hale really surprised me (I had my own little Ned Stark moment right there) but as I understand it, that was brought on by the actor wanting to look at other opportunities. I really hate to see that happen as he was such a huge dynamic in the show, but I’m interested in seeing how we’ll replace that.

Beyond the realm of fiction, American Ninja is a blast. The first round of the Denver Finals were last night and they got their asses kicked by the course and Denver altitude.

Faceoff started back last week. If you have any interest in monster, movies, special effects, or reality television, Faceoff started back last week. If you don’t know the premise, they get a whole bunch of aspiring makeup artists and special effects people together and have them make a monster/creature/figure/thing each week. It’s awesome.

Looking at the post above, maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten too much writing done…

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