Sharing The Wealth: 08/16/2013

Chuck Wendig has an awesome flowchart. Simple as that.

Joanna Penn has a post on redefining success with self-publishing. It meant a lot to me because I have been trying to gauge my first week of publishing. I’ve only sold a dozen books, but it’s been a huge success for me. Yes, I’ve been neurotically checking the sales report every minute, and hell yes I want more sales, but I finished my book, released it to the public, and I had perfect strangers buy it. Any of those three things are something most people won’t do and I’m proud of that.

Mike Shatzkin has a post about why losing bookstores is a bigger problem for publishers than it is for readers. Seriously, if you aren’t reading Mr. Shatzkin, please do so now. He has a slant towards traditional publishing that will balance everything you hear about the indie world, and always has an analysis to back up what he is seeing. He also tells the hard, harsh truth that most in all forms of publishing aren’t willing to admit.

Meant to throw this up last week, but published a book instead. Indies Unlimited has a cheat sheet for the specs needed on various social media websites. For all those times you fiddled with an image to make it fit on Facebook or Twitter.

Patrice Fitzgerald interviews Hugh Howey on Joe Konrath’s blog. Hugh Howey is, as most have heard, is one of the big successes in self-publishing. He earned it too, WOOL was amazing.

I probably missed some things on Feedly over the past week or so, mostly because I was rushing to catch up after putting up Sorcerer Rising. I apologize. The stuff above though, some of the best I’ve seen in a while.

Everyone have a good weekend.




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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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