First Day On KDP

It’s a satisfying feeling, seeing your book on sale. Even more satisfying seeing people actually buy it.

As of today, I have nine sales with one refund. Most of those are friends and family who were interested in it or I used as beta readers. But that doesn’t equal nine people, so whoever bought my book without knowing me, thank you. Frankly, thank you to anyone who bought my book.

That is honestly a lot more than I anticipated for the first day. Hell, it’s more than I anticipated for the first month. Currently, Sorcerer Rising is ranked 34,094 in paid Kindle sales (still trying to figure out how to see the ranking based on category, if anyone knows that would be greatly appreciated). I believe this is based on accelerations vs volume, so this means next to nothing. If it’s anything like any other sales data based on acceleration, that rank is based on a forecast that each day will be the same or greater than the last, thus I am expected to sell 9+ books a day. That would be fan-friggin-tastic, but it’s not something I anticipate.

Something I did the other day to keep this organized was put together a spreadsheet to track everything. I plotted it out for the next ten years and have a page for total sales and a page for individual books, with columns for each major self-publishing service. I then set my monthly sales thresholds. Since they could be anything I wanted, I based them on a bill I have to pay, starting at $15 (trash) and going up to $20,000 (Which would basically mean I don’t have to worry about money anymore, multiplied five times).

So, while I have hit $15 for my first monthly sales goal, I am reserving that as unconquered as of yet. I expect that this will be that largest spike I see, and now that all the people who like me have bought it (okay, I have a lot more than nine people who like me, they’re just the ones who read fantasy) I’ll have to earn sales from people who have no idea who I am or what this is.

Also, last night I wrote 550 of my 2,000 word goal. I need to find a better time to write on the weekdays if I want a better output.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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