Behind The Scenes of Sorcerer Rising: Meet Abigail

SorcererRisingA few moments later the streetlight flickered out and I took that as my cue. I reached into my jacket pocket, concentrated, and pulled out Abigail, a coach gun with a sawed off handle. Two barrels of blue steel, inscribed with faint runes and sigils pointed straight at the two men.

I whistled, drawing their attention, smiling as they looked up. For a moment they froze, then Shorty charged at me, the knife glowing in the dim light.

He wasn’t quite as fast as he thought he was though.

I pulled the first trigger, firing at his chest. There was a flash and I felt some type of defenses light up, surrounding him with a powerful silhouette of light. The scent of sea salt and fish and palm trees filled my nose. Then there was the scent of sulfur and cordite and steel. It burned the scent of the ocean from the air and my attacker was thrown against the far wall, his body slumping to the ground, blood oozing from the wide crater that had been his chest.

In real life guns don’t send people flying around like ragdolls. That’s only in Hollywood. They usually just fall to the ground where you shot them. But this wasn’t a normal gun. It held more than bullets and fired more than lead.

I turned the weapon on the other one. Deep, blue grey smoke drifted from the end of the barrel, curling in intricate patterns, paying no heed to either rain or wind.

-Sorcerer Rising

The above is an excerpt from Sorcerer Rising. I wanted to do this a few times because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my world. Besides, who doesn’t love talking about what they write?

It is at this point we first see Virgil use Abigail, an alchemical shotgun, just one of the many arcane intricacies of Virgil’s world. She is one of my favorite things about the story, and what with my alchemy post earlier today, I thought I would start here.

I don’t even remember how I came up with this weapon, but I have no idea how Virgil would have survived this story without her. Without giving too much away, at Virgil’s current power level, she is the only thing that puts him on equal footing with most of the nasties he tangles with.

Abigail is perfectly capable of firing normal shotgun shells, but what makes her unique is her ability to convert raw regents into powerful spells. She is a powerful engine for doing this, and there are dozens of formulae that allow her to do everything from shoot fire to freeze targets.

Just don’t use the black shell without thinking about the consequences. Just saying.

If you find this interesting and want to check out more about Virgil’s world, Sorcerer Rising is available on Amazon.


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