Sorcerer Rising is Done

I worked for a certain company’s (not UPS, down with the brown) package sorting hub while I was in college. I was a handler and an equipment operator and lastly a supervisor responsible for two flights. I have tried to describe what it’s like working in the Hub.  I’ve told it to my family, job interviewers, co-workers, friends, and now you. But unless you’ve worked in that type of environment, you’ll never understand what it’s like.

I worked at night. I’ve seen nights where it was ninety five degrees, nights where it was nine degrees. I’ve been rained on when it was just warm enough not to freeze, snowed and hailed on when it was. I’ve loaded planes in thunderstorms, trying to keep FAA regulated documents dry when it was coming down five inches in a night. I’ve huddled in between loading belts while a tornado passed overhead. I shoved two ton cans of freight down a plane’s fuselage, destroyed more pieces of equipment than I care to admit, and held more cardboard in my hands than most people will ever see.

When I was a supervisor we sorted about ten thousand packages a night. There were times where you couldn’t walk without stepping on a package (that’s why your christmas present has a boot print on it) when there was absolotely no way we were going to get everything loaded in time for the plane to make its 3:30 departure.

And every, single night we made it happen. I would turn around and all the packages would be loaded, all the cans gone, the plane loaded and ready to push out. It happened during storms, during blizzards, the heaviest nights before Christmas and Mother’s Day and Valentines day when everyone had something to ship.

Tonight, I turned around and my book was done. I couldn’t think of  a better analogy than the one above. I apologize if it doesn’t work as well for those who’ve never been in that type of environment, but it means a hell of a lot to me.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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