Formatting Revisited

A few weeks back I posted about formatting and what I had learned. But there were still a few issues I hadn’t addressed yet, which I have been doing all this weekend.

First, the chapter headings were displaying as followed CHAPTER ONe, CHAPTER Two, things like that. It was only in IOS or the older Kindle units. I figured out that on the Createspace template I was using, each chapter heading was from the check box in Font that made everything all caps. For some reason, IOS didn’t recognize a lot of this when I edited the headings. Taking off the all caps and retyping with the cap button fixed that.

Second, I could not figure out how to ensure the first paragraph of each chapter would not indent. I basically wanted them to be in block style, but again on IOS, it was different, indenting double. I posted on the KDP forums and was given the advice to go to paragraph>indentation>special>set that to .01. This overrides the auto indent on kindle, finally solving that.

I also ran into an issue with all my beginning and ending pages running together. It grouped the title page, copyright page, dedication, website info, and first chapter page into a couple of pages. I’d never really used page breaks, but that’s where they come into play. Basically, you just place the cursor where you want the break to occur and it will ensure the rest of the content starts on another page.

I am still going through and making sure, but it looks like all formatting for KDP is good, unless the previewer doesn’t work as advertised (which I’ve heard before).

Okay, while writing this I decided to add a Table of Contents. If you have a style applied, all you have to do is click insert table of contents under references. I did it wrong though, and the styles didn’t make that happen. To fix that, simply highlight the chapter headings and click add text right next to the table of contents button.

Hopefully, with these things done I will be uploading tonight.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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3 Responses to Formatting Revisited

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  2. tobycauson says:

    These will be some things to bare in mind, I am currently still in the editing phases of my book but after that will have to go through all of these challenges you’ve had to face, 🙂

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