Been Writing

I know, blog’s been a little sparse as of late. I’ve been trying to keep a schedule but I’ve been wrapped up getting the book ready and you know, the day job. Most of my posts get written at night and posted during the day, but I’ve been doing more and more with the book. I may still post a Pulling the Trigger today, but I make no guarantees.

So, a report on Sorcerer Rising. First of all, it’s still coming out on the twelfth. If you are interested in a sample, the first chapter is up here (which will also lead you to the second and third, you know, if you’re not doing anything else…). I spent last night editing and integrating the chapters I wrote Sunday into the story. I will spend tonight, tomorrow (took off to get this done) and the weekend trimming older chapters, making sure the new chapters fit perfectly, and on last minute edits. I also have a few last formatting issues to address.

My goal is to have all this done Sunday morning (probably around 4 AM) so it can be uploaded to KDP. I still haven’t decided on Select, it seems to have lost most of its appeal in the past year or so, but I wouldn’t mind it as an experiment just starting out. If I don’t do that, I will begin working toward getting it up on Smashwords to spread it everywhere else.

I was going to write about this Monday or Tuesday, but now is as good a time as ever. If all goes well, my first book will be up Monday. While my work as an author will have just begun (will have to promote, market, sell, hopefully beat away adoring fans with a stick), my work on that book will be done. Maybe I’ll continue to work on the cover, editing, etc. as all this grows, but that’ll be later. In the meantime, I need to be writing. So Monday, if all goes well and I’m not busy putting out the flames on my first foray into publishing, I will be writing. I have seventy thousand words in my second novel, and I want it done as soon as possible and ready for beta readers. I won’t have a dedicated publishing date until these people have gotten back to me, but I want that to happen as soon as possible.

Then I’ll start working on the third novel.

I also have at least one short story that can be published, and a whole slew of ideas for more. More than anything else, that is the single biggest piece of advice everyone offers. You need to write a lot, and you need to write well. 

Side note: What is everyone doing for short stories? I’ve heard a lot of advice about that, put them up on your website, then bundle them together as a short book. Sell them as singles, then bundle them together as a short book. Just sell them as singles, just put them on your website, wattapad, etc. Here’s my question, what do you do for a cover on those? Do you fork out $10-$80 per cover for each and every short story? do you, at this point, learn how to make your own covers? Where do you get the stock art? If you’re working with an editor, do you get each and every one edited? The cost per story could build up quick.

Anyway, that’s where I am now. I will have a post tomorrow for Sharing the Wealth, then hopefully an announcement the book is up.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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