Sharing The Wealth: 08/02/2013

Ruth Harris at Anne R. Allen’s Blog has a variety of tools for the Writer. Usually this is a list of techniques and euphemisms for writing, no these are actual computer programs and sites for banging together your novel.

Lindsay Buroker answers a bunch of questions about what it’s like to be an indie author. This is the first part of (I think) a two part post, very good information and very inspiring. She also discusses Wattapad, something I am looking into more and more, both as a writer and reader.

Galleycat has a list of free sites to promote your book. This is an old list, but one of their posts led me to it. They also have an interview with Andrew Richard Albanese who wrote a book on the Apple ebook trial. In particular, he has a good analysis on the misconception that any of this was about saving the publishing industry.

C. Hope Clark discusses not living in fear. Ms. Clark always has really inspirational posts. That’s not always my cup of tea (the cup is usually half empty), but I really liked this one.

Laura Resnick discusses her misadventures with bookstores. I can’t comment her take whatsoever, other than the part about certain bookstores not being around. This is the cold, lizardman business person about to speak. When you play the game badly, you lose. Barnes and Noble played better, and these bookstores got trumped. Amazon played the game better, one day another will. Independent bookstores need to (and many are) finding new ways to draw people in, but you have to couple that with good business practices. Focusing on what you can return vs what you can do to sell is a losing proposition for any business.

Kristen Lamb discusses perfectionism and how it might effect your writing. I wrote about having to make decisions this weekend, this is what I want to consider. Am I just adding more out of insecurity, or is it because the story needs it? I think we all have those moments.

Dean Wesley Smith is posting his own writing report every day. Kind of like watching the Olympics and realizing how much can be done.

With that, I am calling it for today. Have a great weekend everyone!


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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