Shadowrun Returns Continued

I am conflicted about this. On one hand, the individual story I am seeing has been a lot of fun. I am winding down on the campaign and starting to see where it is going. It has taken me through an interesting murder investigation to something quite a bit more. It has had some great character (Mr. Kluwe, looking at you!) and some pretty decent battles.

Here’s my problem. I’m almost done.

I have like ten stories downloaded to continue after this, but I don’t know what the quality will be on those. Assuming their awesome (and too many say work in progress for my comfort), they will still be a disjointed collection of stories that, I think, I will have to create a new character for every time.

I think how I’m supposed to see Shadowrun Returns as an anthology, a thousand stories all taking place it he Shadowrun universe. That sounds really cool from a storytelling standpoint, from a game play standpoint it will be creating the same character over and over to experience these stories.

Even if I test out each of the character classes and try different things with each, the combat has boiled down to pretty much the same thing for me: shotgun. Ever now and then I summon a spirit to help out or toss a fireball, but just about everything can be solved by shooting it. I’m a bit disappointed in that. My favorite isometric game of all time was Baldur’s Gate II, which had a massive variety of ways to go about combat and a freaking circus of enemies.

Between the weak game play and not being able to immerse myself in the world (really, I got a bigger high off reading the primer) I’m not sure how much of my time is going to be dedicated to this. 

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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