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Sharing the Wealth: 08/30/2013

Lynne Cantwell has a post up on Lulu, and the marketing packages they launched back in March. Not sure how I missed this myself, their prices are high, and sure enough, they are contracting out Author Solutions to make it … Continue reading

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Goals For The Weekend

I have worked out a business plan and publishing schedule for the rest of the year, so this weekend is the first step toward that. For this weekend I want to: Write 10,000 words, across anything. Finish the short story. … Continue reading

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Been Reading

I’ve taken a hand at a few different titles over the past few weeks. I tried reading Lindsay Buroker’s The Emporer’s edge, mainly because she’s a big success in Indie Publishing and her first book sounded good (and is free). … Continue reading

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The State of Nintendo

So Nintendo revealed yesterday that they are dropping the price of the Wii U (after being on sale for almost a year) and they are releasing…this. Now, I’m not in favor of this but I’m not really Nintendo’s target market … Continue reading

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The Lore of the Hollow Earth

I love fantasy, I always have. It brings more possibilities than any other type of fiction and has been the way we as a people have told stories our entire¬†existence¬† But for all the amazing things in fantasy, so many … Continue reading

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Back to Affleck as Batman

So, last week I wrote an…emotionally charged, yeah, that’s what I’ll call it, reaction to Affleck as Batman. I actually wanted to rebuff that post a bit, because it was too much. Either way, this will be the last I … Continue reading

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Sales Report (and Weekend Report)

For the weekend, I got about twenty percent of what I aimed to do done. I did write, but didn’t finish the portion of the story. I do love where the story is heading though and am excited to continue … Continue reading

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