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The Bridge is getting better, but is still lagging. I don’t really know where it’s going, and I don’t think they know either. This was my major problem with Justified in the first season. Then I had probably one of my favorite seasons of any show I have ever seen, so I’m holding on.

Under the Dome is just getting dumber and dumber.

American Ninja is where it is at. It’s something the whole family enjoys (and my son can watch without someone reporting me to the state) and is a whole hell of a lot of fun. If you like the Olympics but it seems to easy for you, give it a go.

Alright, yes, I know the Olympics is a shit load of difficulty, but Ninja Warrior has no mercy. You don’t make it, there’s no bronze, you get sent home. They don’t give the best guy a medal, if no one wins, no one gets a prize. Imagine that, if at the end of the Olympics they just sent everyone home because, good as they did, they didn’t do good enough.

I cannot wait for my normal shows to come back. I like finding new stuff, but Walking Dead looks good, of course at this point who the hell knows anymore. Breaking Bad will be awesome of course and Agents of Shield looks like it will be the next big thing to blow my mind from Joss Whedon.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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