Sharing the Wealth: 07/26/2013

Andrew Zack discusses the fallibility of Nielsen Bookscan. It always bothers me when a company or industry bases their business decisions on faulty data, especially when that comes at employee’s, author’s, contractor’s expense.

Via the Passive VoiceCrime author sues paper over negative review after reviewer revealed to be engaged to the killer book was based on. How could I not put up a link to this???

Kristen Lamb (New to what I follow, good info though) discusses Thrillerfest and the publishing apocalypse. Specifically, she discusses how this particular apocalypse can be a cleansing force for the industry and how authors are bridging the gap between traditional and indie.

Galleycat has an article examining the original book featuring the story about the 47 Ronin. One, I love Japanese stories, two, I felt I had to add this after posting the trailer for the upcoming movie. I’m on both sides of this, I think the original material should be respected, but I am all for wild and raucous takes on just about anything.

Lorna Fergusson has a guest post on the Creative Penn on the seven lessons she learned self-publishing her traditionally published book. This isn’t the angle I’m going at, but I know a lot more were traditionally published first. Good info.

I’m calling it for the end of the week. Everyone have a good weekend!


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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