Shadowrun Returns First Impression

I almost forgot, I got Shadowrun Returns and wanted to give my first impressions.

I am only an hour or so in, but enjoying it quite a bit. My human shaman is a cold-blooded, intelligent, shotgun wielding sociopath with a soft spot for friends who did him favors. The story sets up nice, with interesting characters and solid writing. I thought there was going to be more voice acting, but that’s not really a disappointment as I found myself acting out the dialogue from each character.

The combat is feeling pretty good to me. I don’t know how expansive it will be by the end or how much the modders will be able to add to it, but it’s fun and I’m getting into it. It hasn’t been too difficult as of yet, I died one time and that was because I didn’t take the proper precautions.

The only thing I am disappointed with is what I’ve heard from the reviews. Apparently this one story is it for the official content, and it is beaten in about ten hours. I thought there was going to be quite a bit more to it. I have a lot of hope for the user generated content, but I figured there would be a full world of canon to explore and enjoy. I don’t mind the linearity, just the minimalism. I also had planned on building up a character, I don’t know how I feel having to make a new character for every story. I don’t think that’s exactly bad, but it will take away from the RPG experience of building up your own personal avatar.

That’s not something I’ve experienced yet so far, so I will continue to explore and we’ll see. I’ve already got two user generated mods, and am looking forward to checking them out after the main campaign is over.

I was researching this and came upon Shadowrun Identity and this is what I am talking about as far as fan made content. This site looks like it has a hundred or so mods planned and (I think) in development, and they seem to be taking full advantage of the lore and mythos of the world. Looking forward to sampling their wares.



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