47 Ronin Trailer

Except for Keanu Reeves, this looks pretty cool.


From what I understand, this has next to nothing to do with the legend (I skimmed Wikipedia, so I could be wrong, but this is Hollywood so that’s probably a safe assumption) but I’m all for stylized, samurai action. And I’ve already established that I think fantasy and magic make everything better. Next I think we should have Romeo and Juliet except they’re alchemists and the Departed except Jack Nicholson’s character is a troll!

Am I the only one who would like that?

Did we really need Keanu though??? Of every actor guy to plug in here, Neo? Really? And why exactly to the master samurai always have to turn to the one white guy to save them? Could we not have cast an Asian actor in the lead role? This type of thing usually doesn’t irritate me, but I’m sorry, this is an Asian themed movie. He doesn’t even have a fucking accent in the trailer! If he was a half breed raised in Japan why doesn’t he, I don’t know, speak Japanese???


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