The Bridge: Second Episode


Alright, The Bridge is getting better. I reviewed it last week and it was lackluster at best, but this episode has pushed it in a better direction.

Again, I love Marco. He’s great as a cop in the shitty position of trying to see justice done while struggling to protect himself and his family from the consequences of doing so. In this episode we saw that the guy he went to see in the first episode (and maybe I missed that then) is actually his captain. I know, I know, he called him captain, I thought it was drug lord slang. We also saw that there was something more to the girl’s murders as another murder was covered up altogether.

Sonja is growing on me. She seemed more personable in this episode and when she is chastised by her captain for a mistake (which I’m glad they pointed out, when she did it I couldn’t help but roll my eyes) there was an interesting exchange. She seemed genuinely distraught over disappointing him and it just worked better for me than the rain man meets Monk they were doing in the last episode.

They did something with her character too that, uh, well, probably only FX and a few higher up cable channels would pull. I didn’t really think of her character having a sexual side and I’d be lying if I said that didn’t endear me to the show, but from a purely non-sexual stance, I don’t know where they’re wanting to go with her in that manner.

Going back to what I said last week, they’re going for crazy cop ala Monk of Sherlock, but in a different way. That’s fine, and I wasn’t wanting to knock any type of mental disorders. All I need is for that particular character trait to make an interesting character. This week did a lot more for me than last week.

The migrants wandering the desert was great. They did a wonderful job of capturing the horror and danger of trying to cross over from Mexico into Texas. It bookended the show rather well.

Something else I forgot to mention last week was the sub plot with the woman and her husband. I was really hoping there was going to be something cool behind that door. A tunnel to Mexico was to me the most obvious option so I was a little disappointed.

There are two things that confuse me about the show and its direction. That subplot is one because I don’t know where they’re going with it. The second are these flashes we keep seeing to the killer. If he is the guy behind this, that just seems way, way too easy. I think we’ll probably see he is doing something completely opposite of what we think or he’s doing exactly what we think but is connected to the real killer in some unexpected way.

Overall, I was a lot more interested than last week. It’s not ranking up there with The Americans, but I see potential. Looking forward to the next episode.


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