Weekend Report

Bahh!! Behind again!

No writing. I am officially identifying that as a problem. I have allowed myself to get out of the habit. Not all people need to write everyday, but I do. The longer I am out of the habit, the worse it gets. So I need to write five-hundred words tonight before I pick up that book to start editing.

I did start sifting through my emails, but not very much. I’ll make that a bigger goal next weekend.

I am halfway done reading through my print copy of the book. I have gathered three things from that. First, I found myself doing content editing when this was really supposed to be a line by line grammar and spelling edit. I realized I could, literally, edit this thing for the rest of my life, and I think that’s an important lesson to take away. I need to learn to trust myself and what I’ve written.

The second thing I learned is the formatting looks pretty good to me. I have found a few places where removing the ragged edge stretched out a sentence, but not near as many as I was afraid of.

Unfortunately, 6×9 is too big for me. I don’t really like that size for a paperback anyway, so I reformatted the Createspace file to a 5.25×8, actually measuring all the paperback books in the house until I found the one I like the best. I actually prefer the mass market paperback size (it’s four something by seven something) but I learned POD printers don’t make that because they’re actually more expensive to produce without economies of scale. Just good information to have, I thought.

Twenty-one days to go until I release the book and I am way, way ahead of schedule right now. I’ll more than likely be done with edits by next weekend, and honestly, there’s not much more I planned on doing.

That’ll give me room for when everything goes horribly, terribly wrong.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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