Sharing the Wealth: 07/12/13

Today I am sharing the wealth. These were the posts and articles I read this week from the plethora of  blogs I follow that offered the best insights, the biggest news, and the most interesting advice.

Note: Because I am behind in Feedly, these may not necessarily be from this week, but hey, better late than never.

Joelle Charbonneau on Do Some Damage discusses that point where you hate, absolutely hate your novel. Kind of the point where I am now (with both books) and it felt good to hear that.

Lindsay Buroker examines whether or not using free books is a still a viable strategy for selling ebooks. Miss Buroker is one of the newest blogs to be added to my list, but she is a geyser of knowledge.

Mike Shatzkin is excited by Hachette releasing info about their online vs. offline sales. I’m kind of a geek for business news like this, thought I lack the analytic skills Mr. Shatzkin possesses.

On Joe Konrath’s Blog, Kevin Hardman discusses his own experience with rankings and categorizing his work on Amazon and Lisa Grace discusses the ins and outs of movies options for book deals. Mr. Konrath is actually holding a charity event in which he will host hundreds of bloggers posts in exchange for donations to Tess Gerritsen’s War on Alzheimer. Along with supporting a fantastic cause, his blog is generating tons of self-publishing and writing advice. These posts in particular are valuable as an insight into the actual mechanics of Amazon and clicking that publish button and a discussion on that oh so elusive achievement of having your book turned into a movie.

The Boston Globe has a piece of revisions and how authors have only begun revising their stuff since modern times. I was looking for this article when I wrote my thing on editing, interesting stuff here.

Kristine Kather Rusch’s The Business Rusch (ever Thursday) picks apart, well, everything. Actually, she just examines the global arena as it relates to authors. There is a refreshing honesty here from an industry that wants to act like all it care about is art.

I already announced that Apple was found guilty of price fixing, but Passive Guy, in usual fashion, has continued to post excellent follow up articles. He reblogged (is this a rereblog?) a post from Texas trial attorney William J. Dyer that picks apart the ruling.

This is the best stuff I have devoured this week, and I plan on doing this every Friday to share the resources I have turned to for publishing, writing, industry news. I hope this is useful and enjoyable.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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