Apple Found Guilty of Price Fixing

Passive Voice was the first place I saw it, so I am putting this up from him.

I don’t have near enough legal knowledge to say much about this, but I will say this, and it’s something I remembered last night when my wife was trying to but an ebook on Amazon’s app.

Shouldn’t have taken away that button, Apple!

But no, in all reality, this is a big deal and there is a lot more involved than just that. Based on my economics classes, this sounded like blatant price fixing.

I don’t know about as an author or writer, but as someone whose day to day life deals with business, I have a lot of respect for Amazon. They play the game and they play it well and the reason, above anything else, that people buy from them isn’t price. It’s convenience. I could get just about everything they offer from Wal-Mart, but I buy it at Amazon because it’s quick and easy.

Now, as a far as how they treat authors, well all I know is they offer a higher royalty, pay more often, and have made working authors out of people who couldn’t even get an agent let alone a book deal. People are mad that they’re “disrupting” the industry, just like music companies hated Apple for “disrupting” the music industry and Kodak hated digital cameras for “disrupting” their industry.

Next thing you know, the wagon makers will be calling out Ford for “disrupting” their industry.

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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