Shadowrun Returns

In case I haven’t stated this, I cover more than writing, publishing, and books on Story Arcs.

With that said, Shadowrun Returns comes out in two weeks! I love a good roleplaying game, and I love isometric games. Shadowrun looks like it will scratch both those itches.

What intrigued me so much, was the world. It’s one that is completely alien to me, it’s one of those things that was a cult hit and before my time, but seems way ahead of its time and very, very imaginative. I only know basic world building stuff from the website’s World of Shadowrun Primer, but there seems to be so much to it. This is my crack. Bare bones information on the world ranging from classes, races, countries, magic, technology, society, culture, power players, corporations, all the things a solidly built world needs to be interesting. And boy is it interesting. Everything from how the U.S. broke up (The Native American tribes overthrew the government with spirit magic!) to how the corporations run things, to the Great Dragons who have their fingers in the pies of the world economy. It’s fascinating and I sincerely hope the game takes advantage of all the material here.

This is the gameplay above. It looks like it will cover all the bases. I especially appreciate how the shaman works, taking advantage of environmental “hotspots” of dark emotion. I’m interested to see how that will tie into the story and quests.

It doesn’t seem like the game has had that much attention, especially considering how big the fan base is supposed to be, so I wanted to spread the word.


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