40,000 Words

I am over 40,000 words in my second story! Not sure if it’s any good, but pretty excited about it.

So, for the month of January my word count is 39,451, (35,730 for the second story, 2,527 for my short story, and 1,194 for the second short story) an average of 1,272 words a day. For a goal of 250,000 for the year (or right around 700 words a day) that would put me over schedule. Happy about that as well.

BUT! Only one short story for the month (which I have already received my first rejection for). So, I am over my word count but under for short stories. I have a second I am working on but so far don’t like it very much. The first short story I was able to get into pretty well, but this one not so much. I am going to tough it out (that’s one of Heinlein’s rules) but I have not enjoyed it. I have even gone so far as to try and outline it by scenes, which helped with some ideas of what I am wanting to do, but I haven’t wanted to pick it back up.

Something else I have to expect is that once the rough draft for this story is done, it will be slow going. I am projecting 60-80,000 words for the first draft, and a bit over a hundred once it’s all said and done. After that I am going to be hunting for new things to write about. I already have a third (fourth, fifth) story idea, but who knows how that’s going to play out.



About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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