The Weekend (Also, Writing and Working)

It’s funny really, how when you have less time you get more done. Wait…is that just me?

Allow me to give context. I took five vacation days over the holiday, all in the week of Christmas and New Years. All together I did not go to work for eleven days (and I left early that Friday) but I only wrote maybe three or four thousand words. Granted, holidays, so yeah a lot of that time was taken up, but even with Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve (which we didn’t really do anything for) and New Years (same thing) that’s not even 600 words a day. Yet this weekend, mostly on Saturday night and Sunday evening, I wrote nearly six thousand words.

There’s a statistic out there I’ve seen and heard several times but I couldn’t find it that says most authors won’t be able to support themselves on the income from their books.¬†More than likely, you’re going to have a day job. Even if you snag that illusive traditional publishing deal.

My point is, the job is here to stay. And maybe that’s a good thing. This weekend I had two days to write. The day was spent with my family and I usually don’t write during that time. Friday night I wrote until about two, but it was maybe five hundred words. I was tired and went to bed. Sunday night I watched The Cabin In The Woods (Damn, I need to do a post on that) and didn’t start writing until one. forty five hundred words later it was nearly five in the morning. That evening I wrote another twelve hundred or so words.

And all because I knew this was going to be the only time I had and so I went at it hard. In the past three weeks I have reached about a quarter of the way through my rough outline. My best ideas (and a majority of my words) came from that brief weekend.

My job, any job, is the stick. It’s what gets you in gear and makes you use that time you are allotted to the best of your ability. Because, unless you truly enjoy your day job, writing is what you really want to do. You try to get as much of it in when you can because, well damn, it’s not going to happen while you’re at work.



About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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