Multiple Projects

As I stated before, I have started the next story and am very, very excited to be doing so. I wanted to comment on this, because in just the past few days I’ve learned something and I think it’s important to know.

I’ve stated many times before that I have had trouble writing the past month or so. Part of it is the claustrophobia I am feeling every time I do something in the story. Every revision, name change, addition, etc, had a ripple effect throughout the whole story, forwards and backwards.  I have always heard that this part, the editing, the turning a first draft into something worth reading, is the hard part, but I had no idea how true that was.

But in picking up the new story, I can open up and write whatever I want to, as much as I want to, as fast as I want to. Everything is optional. And it’s not just the joy of something new, although that is great. I don’t have to worry about every little thing (in this book, anyway) that I have written thus far. New ideas effect the story going forward, but there are very little ripples. Everything is forward movement. At night, I’m still working on my first story, but mostly it’s correcting the weaknesses in the writing I see. Better dialogue, continuity issues, imagery, pacing, etc. It’s not fun. And these are scenes I have seen time and time again. Several I have gone over, not just read, but actually edited a dozen times. You start getting to a point where you make changes that don’t need to be made and I knew that was scary.

But by writing something else, having a dedicated time to simply churn out words, good or bad, makes that a lot easier. I’m less frustrated and moving at a good pace. It will be interesting moving forward, seeing how working on multiple projects (including story ideas outside of this series) works and how I can balance them.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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