Writing Again

Took me long enough, but this weekend I was able to churn out about three thousand words. It’s been slow going the past month or so, enough for me to not even write on the ole blog. I wish I could label it something really romantic like writers block. That seems to imply the image of a tortured writer bent over a computer/typewriter/scroll agonizing over his creative process. I wonder how many authors who had writers block were really just laid out on the couch watching Prometheus or playing Mass Effect (or whatever their escape of the day was)?

But I finally wrote. Three thousand doesn’t sound like much, but it was only about four hours of work (mass effect again), and it got the major revisions I was wanting to add to the story done. Now I am just going back and tweaking ideas, making things consistent. I want my character to have more humor, I want certain visuals to play out every time certain instances come into play, still more development with my supporting cast, and of course, making sure the writing is more where is is warranted and less where it is demanded.

But, knock, knock, knock on wood, there are no more changes, additions, etc to be done with this. I could still cut things (I added 28,000 words since my first readers feedback) but I don’t know if that will happen or not.

Second big thing of note, I have started working on the second story. I have read consistently that working on multiple things is a good method to stimulate writing, especially now that I am really just editing the manuscript and it’s a lot of stop/start activity. Part of working on a manuscript with an established beginning/middle/ending is that it’s intimidating. You’re no longer building from the bottom up, you’re doing work on an already established building and there is a ripple effect for anything you do.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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