Disney+Star Wars=Awesome

Holy shit, Disney owns the rights to Star Wars!

If ever there were news in storytelling, movies, games, books, comics, entertainment, pop culture, cartoons, or anything in between, this is it.

Why? Because this is THE story. This is the story our cultures have been telling since the dawn of time. This is the hero’s journey in it’s most basic form, and a trilogy that has been inspiring storytellers for forty odd years. We have immortalized this tale, made it a part of pop culture, and its influences can be seen anywhere. It made fantasy and science fiction main stream, and in the timeline of movies this is where B.C. became A.D.

For the past fifteen years or so, that glory has faded a bit. The movies aged, were, ahem, abused through revisions and prequels, but have held on. To be frank, I am in the camp that says George Lucas is the devil incarnate for what he did to the series. That’s not true (though it has a basis), and certainly not fair (he asked for it), and when Mr. Lucas dies, their will be the weeping of grown men and the gnashing of teeth. But my point is that for the first time, the official star wars canon has been given to someone else. The torch has been passed to the organization that has the combines talent of the people who brought us Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribean, Up, and the Avengers.

Now, it could all still go horribly, horribly wrong. I remember being excited about the Phantom Menace, which I was really too young not to like, and seeing the Clone Wars for the first time, and that being one of my first disappointments as a young man. I sincerely hope that a whole lot of people who grew up loving this series can give it the fresh coat of paint it deserves.

And lets face it, Episode VII is a big deal. I know there has been a lot written about what happened afterwards, but this will be the official canon.

My son is almost two. He’ll be about five or six when this comes out. The thought that he’ll get to grow up as this story enters a new age…I mean wow. Just wow.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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