Dishonored Review Continued

Two things over the weekend, I got a new TV and beat Dishonored. New TV probably isn’t the biggest deal, but it’s my first HD TV and the first time I’ve ever seen this generation of consoles on such a device. Talk about an eye opening moment. I mean, really, what the hell have I even been doing? Any comment I’ve ever made about a game, at least visually, is completely null. I played Arkham Asylum, the first level of God of War III, and the Walking Dead episode 1 (have some things to say about that as well) and had no idea what I was missing.

As for Dishonored, well, I really wasn’t missing much there. The game is still ugly. I like the art style but it is a constant reminder of a world they didn’t take full advantage of. The ending really craps out with the Outsider never doing anything, and the vengeance you finally get at the end isn’t all that satisfying.

I did take a second stroll through to just kill things and see how the combat works out. Like I said, disappointed as I was, the game is still fun. And this is where it shines. There is just nothing like teleporting in, killing one guy, pausing time, and shooting three more in the head with a crossbow. There was one moment where a guy saw me and charged, leaping into the air at the last moment to strike his sword down. I paused time, stood up, shot him in the head and was walking out the door before he body hit the ground. I summoned a storm of rats, drew everyone into a cloud, and threw grenades, sending pieces of guards flying everywhere.

It’s this time of imaginative violence that gives you these quirky, badass moments.

I just wish it applied more toward the story.

Honestly, I think that the sales and reviews will be able to get a sequel out of this and I think that is where it will really shine. I am cautiously optimistic.


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