Dishonored and X-Com

Dishonored and X-Com: Enemy Unknown came out Tuesday. I haven’t played either, but I am looking forward to both.

Dishonored I will probably end up Redboxing and buying when it goes on sale. The world they have made is what excites me the most. They have a character who acts as a sort of Don of magic, running around blessing/cursing people to give them power just because he thinks it might be interesting. That type of G-man type character, who probably has a lot more to do with the story than they’ve let on, really interests me. Couple that with a steampunk world where magic and science are colliding dangerously, and I am hooked.

Mostly, it has been all about the gameplay though. If you like the Thief series or Deus Ex this is supposed to appeal to you. I think the stealth mechanics look pretty well fleshed out, but I have some reservations about the combat. Also, the character models look ugly. Not ugly artistically, just like this is a few years old.

X-Com is a turn based strategy game for PC and I will probably wait for it to be on sale before buying it. I have a tendency to buy strategy games, have them drill me into the ground, and give up. If i’m going to do that with this, I want to pay as little for it as possible.

Two very good looking games, and right before Christmas. Can’t wait.

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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