Weekend Plan (And Exposition)

I didn’t really make a plan this weekend. Being at home Thursday and Friday, I just wrote. A lot of what I have been working on is exposition.

I spent a lot of time, and about 2,000 words just going through the first half of the book, adding in little details. One of the obstacles I faced was that my magic, my world is pretty common knowledge to the people in it. Usually, exposition in fantasy is executed by someone explaining whatever to whoever is confused on the matter. Obi-Wan explaining the force to Luke, Gandalf explaining like ten thousand years of history to Frodo, Harry Dresden explaining just about anything to just about anyone. There were several opportunities I had in the story where characters were misinformed and genuinely confused and I failed to clarify things. I think it does a lot to explain things to the reader.

The worst possible way I have ever seen exposition (I won’t name names) is abrupt and stops the story. The story I have in mind made it feel like the writer just slammed on the breaks on whatever was going on and whoever was doing the exposition just grabbed the reader by the face and screamed at them over and over. It wasn’t just a few times, it was any time there something unique to the world. It was every chapter!

I also edited several of the revisions I have made and am now entering into the second round of revisions. I want those completed this week and edited and competed by next weekend. I have a new round of feedback with all those who have read the story tonight and I will take the time to consider what I hear and make those tweaks to the story.

At some point I want to start the first chapter on the second story. We’ll see when that happens.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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