Tolerating Discomfort

I found this video on a new blog I’m following, link here.

This whole video is good, but at about the nineteen minute mark Mr. Cleese says something profound. He starts talking about tolerating discomfort, about facing an unknown in being creative. That was a really important realization when I started writing this summer and he sums it up better than I do. My attempt is this; for me to write I had be unafraid of making a mistake. I had to be unafraid of the mess. I have a shitty looking manuscript right now that is a patchwork of ideas, narratives, and shoehorned words. That would have driven me insane before this summer. It also would have prevented it from happening. But I know I’m going to clean it up and that one day (sticking to an end of the year goal) this will look good. Like I said, he says it much better.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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