Indie Publishing

I wrote a little over a thousand words last night. Considering it was Monday and I have a sinus infection, I was pretty satisfied with that. On a weekday I shoot for about a thousand words with over five thousand on the weekend. All new material and I am excited to pick it back up tonight.

I wrote a post (and a new page) about publishing methods yesterday, and have received some excellent comments on it. I had heard a bit about indie publishing, but something or another always kept me from chasing that lead. That is something I want to look more into and add to that page (which also means that I probably need to change the title). Thank you to the commenters who posted the information and I apologize for not being more well informed on this.

Right now I am overwhelmed with information on it. I’m really, really surprised I overlooked this so easily. One commenter sent me two links to blogs on the matter. I googled indie publishing and was hit by dozens of quality search results. There are also some pretty big, professionally put together sites on the topic. I don’t know if I blended it in with self publishing or just didn’t see it as an option, either way it’s a blind spot I’m hellbent on removing.  This is something I really want to look into before commenting more on, but I am excited.

Thank you to those who commented and anyone else who wants to as well.

Also, when I first put it up I was looking for this article. I couldn’t find it then, but I did just now. It has some excellent insights into the publishing industry.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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