Back In the Swing of Things

I broke through the block and am now back in the swing of things. I wrote this weekend, not as much as I wanted, but enough to actually feel like I accomplished something. I am  moving at a good pace for the first story, creating new material, swapping things around, editing other things. They’re some pretty drastic changes to the flow of the story but I like the way they look so far.

Writing after not writing, after taking much too long of a break, feels a bit like meeting a friend you haven’t spoken to in years. At first there’s an awkwardness, a what’s new with you, relearning old material, all that. But then you start to remember why you liked this person, you laugh about old things, start to tell stories to other people about things only the two of you experienced. You have fun. In the end, you don’t really get reacquainted, you make a new friend entirely.

I wrote a little about letting a story go, I want to make a disclaimer about the work I am doing with the first story, because I can see an impasse coming up. I will complete the new material, edit it, make sure it’s quality work, get feedback, work through that feedback again, and eventually call this story done; or I’ll have to start over from scratch. I meant what I said, that eventually you have to let it go. If I make all these tweaks and I still don’t like it, I’m gonna call it quits. It will be time to pick up a new story or rewrite this one all together.

Meanwhile, I have a sinus infection and don’t want to do anything. It’s a good test of resolve, to see if I’ll write tonight when the only thing I’ll want to do is curl up in bed.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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