When to Write?

For anyone who has a life outside of writing, when to write is just as important as what to write. Determining when best time to write, and even more important, being able to write outside of that sweet spot, can go a long way towards producing material.

I have two times I write.

The first is my best time and it’s during the weekend. I usually stay up after Amelia goes to bed and write until around five or six in the morning when Gabe gets up. I feed him, put him back down, then I go to bed and sleep till eleven or so. That’s my best time. The majority of my story was written during these long writing periods when I could zone out, have no distractions, and spend as much time as I wanted on something.

The other time is pretty much the only free time I have during the week. I get home around six, we eat, play with Gabe, put him down for bed around seven-thirty and then we’re in bed so Amelia can begin to settle. I can go to sleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow but Amelia has a cooldown that can last hours. At this time I try to break out the netbook and write on something. This is a lot more difficult. The TV is on, we’re setting into sleep, and it’s just not what I want to be doing. As much as I love writing, it is just more work I have to do after getting home from work.

But it’s an important thing to do. When I was writing consistently, it kept me in the groove of things. It prepared me to write for the weekend. It was a ritual, a tradition, and it added to the story. It made me want the weekend more so that I can finally let loose.

Most importantly, it’s when I don’t want to write the most. If I can write during that time, I’m going to write any time. It’s keeps progress moving forward. As much as I have been neglecting writing during the weekend, it’s nonexistent during the week. This is something I’m going to change. Even if it’s a few hundred words, a half hour, whatever; I will be writing during this time.

Things happen, life comes up. This will be interrupted several times along the way. Often time though we tend to let it this night slide because the day was hard, because last night something came up. It”s about making sure when you genuinely have a moment to write, you do.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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