Coming Back To Work

So far I haven’t written any. Amelia goes to bed before I do and then the rest of the night is mine. This night I spent most of it playing SWTOR. When I finally realized that I needed shift my attention to writing, I didn’t really have the drive I needed. I looked at the short story, the manuscript, the things I wanted to do and…well, nothing happened.

Part of the problem is that I have spent too much time away from writing. As soon as I finished the manuscript I was focused on reading Amelia’s stuff, getting feedback from her, researching the publishing industry, and starting this blog. Throw in all the normal stuff of life and before long I hadn’t written in over two weeks.

That was a mistake.

I’ve said before that a lot of people write differently. People are unique and this is one of those examples. I am not a disciplined person and even though writing tends to be somewhat of an exception, it’s not immune. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. I’m not one of those types that hates writing but loves the result. I really and truly enjoy writing and all the things that come along with it. It’s just so much easier to kick back and watch a movie or play a game. Sometimes you just don’t want to write. You want to be lazy. You want to do something that doesn’t take anything from you.

In those times there are a few things I try to do.

One, I eliminate distractions. that’s an obvious one, but it’s one that tends to be important. I turn off the tv, avoid websites, and write alone. I’m able to listen to music without a problem but I know it distracts some people.

I also like to get something to inspire me, to get me excited. If I am writing an action scene I want loud, fast paced music. I want the adrenaline pumping. sometimes I will watch a clip or video from a favorite scene in a movie, one that captures what I am going for.

In a more general sense, this is part of staying well read. It’s the fuel for your output. It refreshes the mind. I’ve had many ideas simply because I thought an author was going in a direction and found out I was wrong. Literature, TV, Movies, Games, all kinds of stories can be a catalyst for whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t even have to be good. I’ve had a lot of people say only fill your mind with quality material. I get the point, but I disagree. I’m not saying you should read things you don’t enjoy, but if you enjoy it, who cares how good it is. Especially if you can recognize what it is that makes it subpar and yet still enjoyable. From that point on you can think on what you can do better and who knows where that can lead.

Lastly, I walk myself through what I want to do. This is the most important thing for me. Saying what I need to do, what my goals are, hones my attention. It usually doesn’t look as big when I do that.

The temptation to not write is always there. As long as it’s in your head it’s a fantasy. It doesn’t exist, but it also doesn’t have flaws. Putting it on paper is the most important thing you can do.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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