I just saw that G4 has announced that it will be rebranding to a new “guy-centric” format. That’s funny as hell since they’re pretty much the poor man’s spike anyway. Even funnier when you consider how ludicrous Spike is.

This channel has been in a downward spiral for a long time. It was bad enough when it cannibalized Tech TV but the past four or five years has seen it degrade into something unrecognizable. They chased away all their best talent and ran their best shows into the ground. The only semblance was their coverage of award shows and conventions.

And of course that would also include covering porn conventions. BECAUSE NERDS LOVE PORN!

That was the last straw for me. Not because they were covering porn. Whatever, who cares. It was the attitude. This channel was being run by people who had no idea what they were catering to. Their idea of people who played video games and read comic books was also one of sad men who sat around watching porn…and cops apparently. A lot of cops. I’m not quite sure what sterotype that was based off of…

Of course, the channel’s also been around for a while. Maybe there was something to it. That’s even sadder than the demise of what used to be an advocate for a culture that never really had one on TV.


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2 Responses to G4

  1. We Like this Post and will be following this blog and hope you will do likewise. It seems Tech TV all goes this way after a while, remember Cnet TV was good then suddenly died and became internet only.

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