Breaking Bad Semi Season Finale

I recorded the Breaking Bad episode this Sunday and got to watch it before work this morning. Assume spoilers are ahead.

Sunday’s episode was probably the slowest of this season for me. There was no moment of terrible tension until the end, no colossal fuck-ups, and even the big reveal at the end was more of an “about time” moment. That’s not a complaint, not by a long shot. It was really interesting seeing nearly everything be resolved this episode. No more worrying about money, no more worrying about the boys in jail, or Mike, or even really Tod. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about him being the guy who finally ends Walt’s empire. I thought so at first but I think he’s a red herring.

And of course Hank figured it all out on the toilet. That fits so perfectly with his character. I love the way it all played out as well. I don’t know how much he put together but it looked like a kid that’s been holding all the puzzle pieces for a long time and just realized they went to the same puzzle.

I really didn’t think we’d go in this direction at this moment. I don’t think Walt was done, or would have been had not Hank found out, not in any way, shape, or form. It wouldn’t have take much to drag him back into this world. His sense of self-worth and pride, not exactly healthy but not violent either, has developed into into too bloated an ego. In the beginning he needed this for his family but there’s always been that nasty, insecure side of him that gnashed at what we later found out was a missed opportunity.  Now, in his mind, he is Napoleon on Elba.

To thank that Hal from Malcolm in the Middle would become this frozen, bald bastard is amazing. The first time you see Walter White he is standing in the middle of the road, gun in hand, in his underwear, ready to go out in a blaze of glory. And then..pretty sure it was an ambulance…drove by, leaving him actually dissapointed and looking pretty stupid.

Fast forward to this season and he’s killed every possible rival and obstacle, including international drug lords and hit men. He has connived, murdered, and betrayed his way into this “Emperor” role and who knows how it’s going to end.

I am kind of wondering in the back of my head if maybe this was all a dream. Maybe he’s in the hospital after that first time he passed out or maybe he’s playing this whole series through his head while waiting to see what’s going to come around that bend in the road. I don’t know how I would react to that, but I think at this point I have no idea what this show will do.


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