Goal Completed

I did what I set out to do this weekend. I have an outline for my second story. It’s rough and needs a lot of polish, but I can work with it. About the first third of the story is pretty concrete and I think I can start writing it as soon as I am happy with the first one. My wife is finished and I have compiled most of her feedback. I am waiting for my mom to finish (or is it get started???) so that I can have a second opinion. Still working on getting candidates  other than my wife and my mom get a more varied sample. Once I have those opinions I want to take a weekend to decide what needs to be done, plan my attack, and then have at it. I’ve never had two things to work on; it’s a good feeling.

After that is all done and when I am finally happy with the story I am going to begin looking at publishing. By the way, would love anyone’s feedback on publishing, the industry as a large, blogs about publishing and/or agents, etc. I have about thirty blogs I read on publishing and writing, always looking to add more.

We have set a goal to this as well. My wife gets out of her trimester of nursing school in early December. By that time I want to have a more concrete idea of what we need to do, a list of agents, query letters ready, and begin getting this out there. There’s the whole debate of traditional publishing vs. self publishing that is really interesting and God, I sure would love to comment on that but I’m not published either way.

Just thinking about that though, that’s another good feeling.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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