Writer’s Block Post, Also an Update on the Outline

Well, I have an outline…for the third book. It was supposed to be the second book, but somewhere along the way it jumped ahead. Odd, I know. Let me explain.

There is a phase in my main character’s career that I want him to go through. I don’t want certain things to happen until later in the overall series story arc, and other things I don’t want to happen to early. This is one example. I have decided the next story that I had been thinking on, and have a rough mental outline on, shouldn’t be the second book like I had originally thought. It wouldn’t be the time. I even have also go at least a plot idea for the next two stories after that.

But now that leaves me without a second story. You would think that makes the third the second, but it doesn’t feel right. I feel like it needs to be a transition between the first story and the third story. It has to balance a line between escalating the events of the first story without overshadowing the third. I need him to come into his own a bit more, display more of my world and a few other characters first. It’s interesting, because I think I’ve made things more difficult with this but that’ s just how it came to me.

I also decided that I want to get a few more stories written before completing a series outline. There are too many variables, too many unknowns, so for now the rest of the series will be a mystery. I might be able to do it without stressing myself to the point of not wanting to write anymore but I would take it to the brink of such a reaction and in the end wouldn’t stick to it. That’s a waste of energy. Or I’m just lazy. Probably both.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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