Second Book and Writer’s Block

It’s amazing what you can accomplish by walking around your living room talking to yourself. I mean, besides being institutionalized.

I was able to get past the writer’s block and develop and idea for the second story. It will fit snugly in between the first story and the idea I’ve had for the third one.

But what that really brings me to is writer’s block and how I deal with it. There were several times in my story that I hit on scenes that really stumped me. Whether it’s working yourself into a hole, losing interest, or the joy of discovering plot hole, a lot of things can knock you off track. A bad habit that I had to break was allowing it to do so. I remember there was one scene that had come to me in a flash of inspiration. I was very excited about it, had written the entire thing but I had no way to resolve it. Based on the situation at hand, I had no idea how my heroes were going to escape. Answer:

“Dorne did this and saved them all.”

That’s what I wrote. They got back on their boat and left. It was the laziest thing I’ve ever written. Pretty bad, I know, but it got me to the next scene. Obviously, if you do this too much you have a book the size of a church bulletin and that won’t work, but for those moments where you know where you want to go and just can’t seem to figure out how, I find this to be very effective. You’ll come back to it, that’s a given, but you can move on with the creative process.

That’ s my first learning experience. The second was how to deal with these tricky scenes when I couldn’t think of anything. Everyone has dealt with writer’s block in one form or another and everyone has their own solution. What works for me is to walk around my living room and talk to myself. No music, no TV, nothing else. I tried listening to music, couldn’t hear myself speak. For whatever reason, that was a deal breaker. What do I talk about? It could be dialogue, it could be description, it could be an argument with myself. Sometimes I pretend I’m one of my characters. Honestly, it takes some bizarre turns. A lot of times this is where my ideas come from and it could be in relation to anything. This is how I had a third book before the second one.

The goal tonight is to come up with an outline for the story. I have the general outline but now it’s time for the details. Maybe the next post will be on why to outline.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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