First Post On Feedback

As I have stated before, my wife is reading the story that this blog was supposed to document and never did. I wanted to sum up one of the most surprising things about someone reading your story.

It really is true that just because you write it one way, is not necessarily how the reader sees it. My wife and I read differently, I see the trees and she sees the forest. I remember details, scenes, images. She looks deeper and sees the meaning and symbolism. She is the first to see the twist, the message, the inner symbolism of a story.

But ask her about a specific scene and what she thought of this and that and she’s hopeless. It’s interesting because as a writer, and I am still learning about whether this is the right thing to do or not, I feel obligated to direct the reader’s attention to certain details. Also, it’s written in first person so I’m constrained by that. But she somehow misses all these details and passed them right by. It’s something I don’t understand because I can’t help but see what I am shown but she didn’t see any of it. She misses half of these details, and the scene looks completely different to me as she plays it back. It’s like a game of telephone and I have a bad connection.

This is something I am going to kick around for a bit, because as I said above, my wife reads differently than I do. She’s not visual, doesn’t care about the action, doesn’t read the same type of stories I do, and just gets a different experience from a book than I do. Does this mean I need to change my descriptions, my focus on the visual. Is it the way I am describing scenes or the way they are being perceived?


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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