Well, I made this blog to document my progress as I set out to finally complete my manuscript. For over two years I have crafted a whole world (I write fantasy) from a single short story I started in college after watching a credit card commercial. Chase maybe? I can’t remember.  I had put off writing for a long time. In the time between my first attempt at this story I had graduated college, started a career, had a son (well, I was there), hated a career, watched as my wife launched herself into nursing school, and watched as my enjoyment in this job plummeted out of the sky, a wounded aircraft spiraling toward the ground in a fiery, dismal display.

Before I continue, I don’t thank God enough for the job that I have, especially in this economy. But I should.

Together, me and my wife, set out this summer to complete our manuscripts before she went back to school.

Well, the book’s done.

Yeah, I know, didn’t really document too much.

But it was a blast to say the least. And it’s not really complete. She is reading it for the first time and based on her observations, there are already several more scenes I want to add.

Hopefully, maybe even possibly, I will update this before the next great milestone. Who knows what that will be? I have a lot more to learn about writing and publishing (or self publishing?) and a lot of things to add to the story.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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